Perfect Player
Installation Guide

Perfect Player can be used in Android IPTV Boxes, mobile phones and tablet pc:s using Android.

  1. Install ”Perfect Player App” on your Android device and start the app.
  2. Click on  ”Settings” button click on the tab ”General”.
  3. Click ”Menu
  4. Click on ”Playlist” type the adress to your m3u playlist file that you recieved from us.
    in the field ”Playlist”, also set a name for your playlist, for example IPTV. Then click OK (make sure that the checkbox VOD, is unchecked.)
  5. To install EPG-electronic program guide, click on ”EPG” and type the following adress, (given after purchase of subscription)
    When you are done, just back some steps so that you get to the start. Now all channels and the EPG is loading. This can take a while so just wait. All channels will soon be listed in groups sorted by country. The EPG will take a bit longer to load but will be visible within some minutes, have patience.
  6. If you have any further questions just send us an email.
  7. DONE, enjoy!!!
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