LG SmartTV IPTV Installation Guide




This installationguide is only for the app ”Smart IPTV” suitable for LG SmartTV and other Android TV:s.

  1. Download the app SmartIPTV from your TV:s ”app-store” it is often found under the category Lifestyle.
  2. Start the app and then your MAC adress will be shown, it lokks like this:  00:1A:98:45:3A
  3. Take a note of that MAC Adress or stay on that page with your TV.
  4. Open your email with your order confirmation from us and copy the playlist URL you recieved. Open your web browser and go to http://siptv.eu/mylist/ , fill in the MAC adress shown on your TV screen and the playlist URL information under ” Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update. Choose ”Nordic” in the drop-down menue to the left, let ”Logos” remain. Click the checkbox ”Save online”, Then click the button ”Add link”.

To watch IPTV with this APP directly on your SmartTV is simple. Be aware that some TV models does not have what it takes to watch a smooth stream with no lagg or freezing picture. OUR IPTV servers are stable and powerfull so if you experience any problems with the stream it is 100% your TV that carries the guilt.

SmartTV:s is not built to process IPTV streams itself. IPTV boxes are built for just that! Have that in mind please!
To minimize lagg always make sure that your device is connected directly to the internet. avoid wifi and switches if possible, Cable is the deal here!

The app SmartIPTV is a free trial for 7 days. After that you have to buy it, about 5 Euro. 

(Your subscription is valid on other devices in case your TV can´t cope to stream  smooth. only one device at a time.)

Good luck !!!

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