How to install IPTV on KODI 17.5 and above

  1. First of all you need the adress to your Playlist, the, m3u_plus file adress sent to you when you ordered IPTV subscription from us.
  2. Start Kodi and choose TV and then “Enter Addon Browser“.
  3. Click on PVR IPTV Clients
  4. Scroll down to “PVR IPTV Simple Client” and click on that. Your “add-on” is now being installed.
  5. On the next page shown after installation choose “Configure“, UNCHECK THE BOX Cache m3u at local storage“, (otherwise you might overfill your IPTV Box).
  6. Under “General” tab you are going to type the internet adress to your playlist, (make sure it is shown “URL Internet adress to playlist), type the m3u playlist adress and then click “OK“.
  7. To the left you are now going to click the  EPG  tab. Choose Internetadress to EPG and type this adress: , then click OK.
    Click backwards on your remote control.
  8. Now click on “Enable” at the bottom (only once, it might look like it freezes but just wait). Now all channels and the EPG is loading, you can see the progress up in the right cornert. This will take a while so please be patient. Halfway it can look like it has stopped BUT WAIT ! KODI is just picking up the lost breath from loading all thousands of channels, it will start again!
  9. When all channels are loaded just click backwards on your remote control to the start page in Kodi. Click on “TV” and then”Channels“.
  10. Now you can see a list with channels from the letter A.  Click “LEFT” on your remote control (from the round circle in the middle on the remote),then a menu shows up to the left.
    Scroll down to Group pre-set is “All channels”, click OK and a new list shows up where you can make the choice to see all channelgroups/countries. Make your country choice and click OK. Now Kodi only shows the channels from the selected country or group, choose a channel and click OK to watch, just lean back and enjoy..
  11. TIP! When watching a channel, click OK on the remote. You can now go right to accsess choices at the bottom bar, subtitles, audio, aspect ratio and more. It varies from different devices so try it out.
  12. DONE!!!

/// If channels does not load, exit Kodi and start it again, wait untill ALL channels and EPG is downloaded.. If this does not work, turn of your VPN, proxy, tunnel and even nat och firewall in your router to see if this has any affect.///