Guides for setting up the IPTV service.

More guides and videos can be found online. Be aware that we do not support hardware bought from other supplier.
We only sell original hardware, be aware of cheap copies that sooner or later will ruin your IPTV experience.


Guides for installation of MAG IPTV Boxes, 250-256.

Tvip 605

Guide only for Tvip s-605 iptvbox

Tvip 410/412/415

Guides for Tvip IPTV boxes

KODI 17.5 -->

Guide to set up iptv on KODI

Perfect Player

Guide to set up IPTV on Perfect Player


This app is available for LG SmartTV

Xbox ONE

How to install IPTV on Xbox ONE console

Samsung SmartTV

How to install IPTV on Samsung SmartTV.

Apple TV

This guide works for Apple TV with GSE Smart IPTV Player.

IOS Devices

For GSE Smart IPTV Player

Windows 10

This guide works for computers running Windows 10.

Formuler Z7 / Z7+

This guide works for Formuler IPTV Boxes

VLC - Mediaplayer

This guide works for VLC Mediaplayer

Feel free to email our support if you have further questions. We can NOT give you support for hardware not bought from us. There are so many copies of iptv boxes, we only sell original to make sure to give you a 100% working product.