Apple TV
Installation Guide


This guide helps you install IPTVWORLD iptv on Apple TV gen 1-3.

Download and install MrMC from app store in AppleTV.

1. Open MrMC media center

2. Go to settings

3. Choose TV

4. Choose general and click in activated.

5. Click OK when pop-up window says ”No PVR extension activated”

6. SCroll down and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client

7. Choose configure

8. Under section General, choose Remote-path (Internet Adress)

9. Fill in/paste the m3u-line adress for your subscription that you recieved from us.

10. Make sure that the checkbox “Buffer m3u in local storage” is UNCEHECKED.

11. Under section “General” there is setting for EPG so click on that, now you can set up the EPG-electronic program guide.

12. Simply fill in the internet adress to the epg-file on the internet, , thats it.

11. Click “OK”

12. Click “Activate”

13. Restart MrMC / Apple TV

14. Start MrMC media center and wait until all channels are loaded, this takes a while so please be patient.

15. Done! You will find all channels under section “TV” in the menu.