MAG 250-256 Installation Guide

FOR LOCKED MAG Boxes klick here —>


  1. Open ”Settings” and then ”System Settings”
  2. Scroll down to ”Software Update” and click ”OK”, comtinue by clicking the red button for update. If system tells you that you´re system is already updated then it is OK..
    (You got a MAG 256, Go to step 4)
  3. Click on Video and set to 1080p and 1920×1080, then click OK and go back a step.
  4. Opena ”Settings” and then ”System Settings”
  5.  Click on ”General”, type on server then click OK and finally go back a step.
  6. Click on ”Portals”
  7. Edit Portal 1 with the following:
    Portal name:  (you choose a name)
    Portal URL:    (is given after purchase of subscription)
  8. On Portal 2 you do not have to edit anything.
  9. Go into ”Advanced settings” and change timezone to yours to get the EPG working properly (electronic program guide). Click OK to save this settings.
  10. Go backwards until you get to the first screen. If the box want to restart, let it do so, otherwise you have to restart it manually.
  11. After restart the portal is loading, choose your country or the group of channels you want to watch and enjoy the stream!
  12. If you experience some lagg just go to settings end then advanced settings. Change buffer size from 0-10 and click OK. Go back to your TV-show or movie and enjoy.
  13. DONE !!!

We activate your IPTV Box after payment of subscription. Thius can take a while but if your not recieving picture on your screen within 4-6 hours then send us an email asap.! 

Enjoy !!!

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